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Perfect buns in your home oven

Discover the original recipe for maritozzi, typical sweets from the Roman tradition, with a pastry cream filling. Easy to prepare at home, they are perfect for a delicious breakfast or snack. Discover the history of this sweet and its curious name.

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 19 June
40 minutes
8 minutes
17 hours
12 buns

The trick to making Buns that fit every need perfectly? Simplicity!

Whether you need to stuff them to make great burgers or want to use them for sweet preparations, this is the right recipe.


Extremely light, soft, sweet but not too sweet, and slightly higher in calories than bread, 220 calories per sandwich, and very easy to prepare.


Are you ready? Let’s go and discover them together




Cover buns


You will prepare 12 Buns with buns of 85-90g each


For the dough


If you are not very familiar with doughs containing eggs, sugar and fat, it can help you otherwise you can safely knead keeping the same order of ingredient placement without making autolysis.


So we will prepare the autolysis 1 hour before we do the actual kneading of our Burger Buns.


  • Place 300g of room-temperature water, one whole egg and the 550g of Manitoba type “0” flour in the bowl of the mixer or planetary mixer.
  • Start kneading at low speed until a homogeneous mass is obtained but without forming gluten.
  • Take the dough out of the bowl, and let it rest in a container 1/4 Gastronorm oiled for 1 hour at 20-22°C.



For the preparation of these types of dough, the use of a planetary or spiral mixer is recommended, but good results are also obtained with a “beater” equipped with the correct whips; in this case I recommend halving the quantities.


  • Place the autolysis, yeast and diastatic malt in syrup and run on first speed until a compact mass is obtained;
  • Then add the sugar and as soon as the dough starts to come together add the salt;
    If the dough tends to “sit” quietly increase the kneading speed;
  • Wait until the dough is fully strung and insert all the butter at once.
    This must have been previously divided into cubes and kept at least one hour at room temperature.
  • When the dough is perfectly set, smooth and silky transfer it to the bench, let it relax 10 minutes and make a couple of reinforcing folds.


POINT (first rising)

While the dough relaxes clean the utensils and butter a tall, narrow 4-quart container like this one: 4-liter gastronorm.


  • After obtaining a nice oval-shaped loaf place it in the buttered container and close it with its lid.
  • Transfer it immediately to the refrigerator so that it doubles in volume in about 12 hours.
    The rectangular shape and the transparency of the container is not an insignificant aspect, they will help you to have a certain visual reference of how much the dough is growing and facilitate you in the next step.
  • After the time has passed, transfer the dough to the bench and begin the process of rolling and forming the balls.


SHAPING (forming the balls)

Before you begin this step, take 3 aluminized iron baking pans and line them with baking paper then, once the tacking is completed, divide the dough into pieces of 85-90g each.


Staglio burger buns


There is no one better system than others, work in the way that makes you feel more comfortable. proceed in this way:


  • I break up all the dough with a small scraper like our flexible spatula, trying to be as precise as possible with the weight.
  • I fold all the pieces onto themselves to give them a “decent” pre-shape.
  • After that, I prick the buns by gently rolling them on the counter to give them a perfectly spherical shape and arrange 4 or 5 on each baking sheet.
  • I then cover with an inverted baking sheet and let my bowler balls rise for about 4 hours at 22°C until they have doubled in size.


Leavening buns



Well, we’re almost at the end, all that’s left is to bake our Burger Buns!


  • Preheat the oven in fan mode to 190°C, brush the surface of each bun with cow’s milk (I don’t like egg yolk for this preparation) and bake one pan at a time at half height.
  • After 8 to 9 minutes of cooking your bombette will be ready, but if you have a chance, measure the core temperature, which should be between 92 and 96 °C.



Baking buns



I wanted to make this recipe as simple and neutral as possible so I avoided complicating the finishing step, but know that you can safely sprinkle your buns with seeds of various kinds and make them more appealing



That’s it, we have concluded the recipe for the world’s easiest burger buns! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did because the secret here is really their simplicity.


If you will be making these buns, please feel free to post photos on Instagram tagging @giochidigusto; I would be super happy to see the result of your experiments and if you have any questions or curiosities to elaborate on write me a message on Instagram => by clicking here


And now…knead, enjoy and taste!


For the dough

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