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How to make the perfect burger buns: recipe for homemade burger buns

Follow our quick and easy recipe to make soft burger buns, perfect for enriching your favorite meat. With just a few ingredients and a little patience, you can make tasty, fluffy sandwiches that will make a difference at your next barbecue or family meal.

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 18 February
Burger buns fatti in casa Panino per Hamburger
35 minutes
15 minutes
5 hours
12 sandwiches

Think about how much care, time and money you invest in filling your hamburger buns.
Go to the butcher and have a mix of royal and brisket coarsely chopped so that you have the perfect balance of lean and fat.


Then you retrieve the best fresh vegetables for texture, pickled in oil or other delicacies to give contrast or additional flavor, and finally a sauce that can accompany it all without EVER covering the flavor of the meat you have cooked to perfection.


And where do you stick all that good stuff? Unfortunately, I already know the answer, you will use packaged hamburger buns that have very little “good” about them.


But what if you discovered that making burger buns at home is a breeze? That the result is a soft bun that can hold all the ingredients without destroying itself at the first bite and that literally disappears in the mouth?


A true burger bun is a very light cloud with a soft crumb that melts in your mouth.
Softness, strength and meltiness in the same sandwich? Difficult, but not impossible, and now let’s see how to prepare them.




Box Burger - Hamburger Sandwich


for 12 sandwiches


  • Kneading: this is the stage where we mix the flour with the other ingredients.
  • Staking: this is the stage when a dough rises “forced” into narrow, tall containers allowing it to gain proper structure.
  • Staglio: or loaf forming, the dough is divided into smaller loaves.
  • Appretto: this is the time between carving and cooking.
  • Baking: The leavened buns are placed in the oven to be baked.
  • Stuffing: homemade burger buns are stuffed and served to guests.


Dough in planetary mixer:

  • Start by pouring flour, yeast, malt and water into the bowl of the mixer and run at low speed using the “hook” of your planetary mixer until the dough is coarse but blended.
  • Then insert the salt without stopping the action of the planetary mixer and, while it is working, roughly mix in the whole egg and the butter that you will have softened by keeping it at room temperature.
  • Then add your butter and egg mixture a little at a time, alternating with the sugar so that all the elements are absorbed into the dough.
  • Then continue kneading until your mass looks perfectly smooth and homogeneous.

Dough by hand:

  • Begin by pouring flour, yeast, malt, and water into a bowl and start stirring with a spoon until the water is completely absorbed.
  • Coarsely mix the whole egg, salt, sugar, and butter that you will have softened by keeping it at room temperature.
  • Then add your mixture a little at a time into the dough making sure that with each insertion the flour has completely absorbed all the ingredients .
  • When all the ingredients are incorporated, albeit roughly, bring the dough to the pastry board and start kneading it vigorously by hand without adding flour.
    If the dough is too sticky, let it rest 20 minutes in the refrigerator and resume kneading.


  • Once the kneading stage is finished, cover the loaf with plastic wrap, leaving it on the work surface so that the surface does not dry out, and let it rest for about 20 minutes.
  • After the necessary time has elapsed, fold it back on itself two or three times, and form a nice spherical mass that will have to support itself.
  • Now place everything in a well-oiled high-sided food container and let it rise at room temperature until it triples in volume.


Homemade burger buns recipe



  • Once you get to the correct volume divide your dough into 110 g balls (you will get 16 if everything went well).
  • Fold each loaf over itself, make a “pirl” using Grandma’s method (making a hollow with your hand and gently rolling the ball on the top), and close firmly by dragging them on the top.
  • Then place the resulting balls on a baking sheet with parchment paper, well apart from each other.


  • Cover each pan with foil kept soft and leave in “tinder” until the volume of your balls has doubled.
  • If you don’t want your hamburger buns to be too tall, halfway through rising, moisten your hands and lightly crush the risen buns, being careful not to damage them.
  • Possibly at this stage, you can brush the leavened buns using beaten egg yolk and flesh them out with flax, chia, sesame and sunflower seeds, or some herbs or any other toppings.


The decisive stage has come, if you have carefully executed all the steps nothing can go wrong anymore.


Burger Bun cooking


  • Preheat your oven to 230° by setting it to static mode
  • Bake your burger buns for 15 minutes on the bottom shelf of the oven, mind you not on the bottom, the step above.
    Every oven has its own characteristics, so it takes a little bit of experience here
  • To check that your burger buns are well cooked, you can do two things:
    – check with the help of a probe thermometer the internal temperature, which should be 90 °C.
    – you stick a toothpick into the crumb and make sure it is completely dry.



The following is my simple and personal interpretation of how to compose homemade Burger buns to be taken only as a rough example.


With beef:

Once you cut the bread roughly in half toast the crumb part on a nonstick griddle or pan, then starting from the bottom arrange:


  • Marrakech sauce (in classic or spicy version)
  • Coarsely chopped romaine salad or fresh lettuce
  • On top of the salad arrange a cream of eggplant, artichoke, sun-dried tomato or other type depending on your personal taste.
  • Then over the sauce arrange the Hamburger cooked to perfection and on which you will have melted a slice of Cheedar, Provola or Emmenthal
  • Finish the filling with crispy bacon or fried leeks.
  • Finally, spread some more Marrakesh Sauce on the bread, which will close the whole thing.


With fish:

Once the bread is divided roughly in half have the cut side toasted on a nonstick griddle or pan and starting from the bottom arrange:


  • Feuda sauce (in classic or spicy version)
  • Coarsely chopped romaine salad or fresh lettuce
  • On top of the salad arrange thinly sliced fresh tomato or confit tomatoes.
  • Then arrange tuna or salmon strips cooked to perfection or preserved in oil in copious amounts.
  • On top of them arrange a generous spoonful of stracciatella.
  • Finish the filling with lemon zest or a grating of ginger .
  • Finally, spread some more Feuda Sauce on the bread that will close the whole thing.

And now you can cut and stuff your homemade burger buns and enjoy them with your guests, you will look great.

I’m sure the result will surprise both you and the friends you invited to enjoy your burgers!


Let me know how it went, message me on Instagram => by clicking here


…And now knead, enjoy and taste!




for 12 sandwiches

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