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Learn how to make real focaccia Genovese right at home!

Learn how to make Focaccia Genovese at home!

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Back to Pizza

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The first and only box to prepare the perfect Genoese Focaccia. Shipped within 24 hours!

Follow the Instructions
from the manual

Follow the Instructions in the manual

Your guide to be jealously guarded. Over 50 pages of foolproof instructions!

Use the group of
box support

Use the box support group

Knead your Genoese focaccias with the help of the Telegram support group for all boxes.

Amaze everyone
your guests

Impress all your guests

Bake the best focaccias ever and become the hero of your guests with Back to Pizza GENOVA

Back to Pizza GENOVA with the tools you own

Even in the oven at home

Don’t have a professional oven? With the new back-to-pizza GENOVA you’ll find that Genovese flatbread is suitable for baking in your home oven.

All the ways to knead

By hand, with a planetary mixer or with a spiral mixer, the important thing is the result!

Choose the method you prefer and follow all the steps easily and precisely.


Whether you own professional equipment or use home tools does not matter. Nothing is left to chance, with back to pizza there is always the right process for you!

What the brand new back to pizza GENOVA contains.

Flour type "0" W280 BIO

1Kg of one of the most fragrant Organic flours on the market.

Diastatic malt

5g of dehydrated diastatic malt to allow flawless leavening.

Organic extra virgin oil

2x100ml organic extra virgin olive oil in a mix of Coratina and Peranzana.


As many as 2 separate processes for making same-day or long rising focaccia

The roadmaps

Always keep time and temperature at hand thanks to the tables prepared for you.

The fillings

There are 4 mouth-watering toppings that we bring you in the back to pizza GENOVA

Tips & Triks

The 3 secrets no one will ever tell you about preparing fügassa and sliced products

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...And now knead, enjoy and taste

an explosion of taste

Genovese fügassa is that flatbread that you put in your backpack the morning before the outing and eat cold as soon as you get a chance enjoying it as if it were fresh out of the oven.

A simple and maniacally described in every step that will enable you to make the most fragrant and tasty flatbreads you’ve ever eaten.

What our customers say

Rated 4.9 out of 5 with over
260+ reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 with over
260+ reviews

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