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Pizza toppings: the 5 best toppings

Sweetness, savoriness, acidity, spiciness, and texture are all elements that can turn a simple condiment into an unforgettable experience.




 7 February

Call them toppings, toppings or fillings, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that yours are the best pizza toppings ever and become the defining element of your preparations.


When imagining the best toppings for your pizzas, don’t just think about the type or quality of ingredients. Always remember that“de gustibus non disputandum est.” Everyone has his or her own taste, and everyone’s opinion may differ from that of others.

Try to focus your attention on pairings and balancing flavors and textures. Sweetness, savoriness, acidity, spiciness, but also softness, crispness, cruchy and crispy, are all elements that can transform a simple condiment a true taste experience.


So I want to offer you a small list of fillings to stimulate your imagination and give you a starting point for making your next homemade pizza. I have deliberately ignored the great classics such as marinara, margherita, capricciosa, and you name it, in order to focus on the more original pizza toppings, in many cases unpublished.

My top pizza toppings

White pan pizza with potato crust

But how, without tomato?

Well, yes: among the best pizza toppings we feel it is important to include right from the start this great excellence of the Roman pizza-making tradition.

The topping includes shredded boiled potatoes, rosemary and fiordilatte, for a final result of tasty simplicity.

Let us know what you think!


Pizza with crispy guanciale and friarielli

A real treat for the palate thanks to the synergy of flavors: creamy fiordilatte, tasty friarielli, crispy guanciale and pink pepper.

The taste of this filling is very intense, really delicious especially for those who like strong flavors. The creaminess of the fiordilatte, contrasted with the crispness of the guanciale and the bitter but delicate aftertaste of the friarielli, restores that extra “sprint” capable of really making a difference.

Definitely a filling to try!

Wrong Marinara

Wrong marinara pizza toppingsThe recipe for Marinara is codified by the AVPN (Association Verace Pizza Napoletana) specification, but we wanted to give it a completely personal touch by freely taking inspiration from its very famous “Future of Marinara” by master Francesco Martucci.

The Marinara is a timeless pizza, historic even, that exclusively features a filling made from peeled San Marzano tomatoes from Agro Sarnese-Nocerino D.O.P., oregano, garlic and EVO oil.

If you want to try to enrich it without, however, distorting it, add a few fillets of Cetara anchovies, capers and taggiasche olives to your classic topping: you will get a decidedly flavorful, intense and almost balsamic pizza.

A real taste explosion!

Yellow Margherita Pizza

After the Wrong Marinara could there possibly be a lack of the Yellow Margherita? Certainly not: it is such a delicious topping that it rightly belongs on the list of the best pizza toppings.

Fear not, though: this recipe does not deviate that much from the one it is inspired by, as all you will have to do is substitute tomato and cheese. Specifically, your pizza topping will include yellow Piennolo tomatoes sautéed with a clove of garlic instead of the traditional peeled San Marzano tomato, smoked provolone cheese, and a sprinkling of Parmigiano Reggiano instead of the classic fiordilatte.

The result? An apotheosis of flavors for your taste buds!

Pizza with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes

Neapolitan pizza toppings pesto and sun-dried tomatoesPresented by Carlo Sammarco (Pizzeria 2.0) at LSDM Paestum 2018, this topping really stands on its own: a more Mediterranean pizza topping than this is really hard to imagine!

The ingredients are perfect if you want a pizza not only with an intense flavor, but also with a colorful aesthetic and, specifically, one that recalls the Italian flag: the red of juicy, fragrant sun-dried tomatoes, the green of aromatic pesto alla Genovese, the white of fiordilatte d’Agerola, and, to make it one of the most extraordinary celebrations of the world’s most delicious dish, a generous sprinkling of crunchy crumbled pepper taralli.



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