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Teglia tonda in ferro blu

30cm round blue steel pan


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Our round blue steel pan with a flared edge and 4cm height is the perfect tool for baking Milanese-style pizza by the slice and Barese focaccia.

Impeccable cooking is guaranteed both in built-in ovens and in professional ovens.


Thanks to the 0.8mm thickness of the sheet metal, the baking performance is very high, allowing you to achieve a crispy and even bottom.


The baking sheet, carefully crafted, offers high quality and great strength. Any imperfections do not impact its quality or effectiveness, but emphasize characteristics of uniqueness and craftsmanship.



Before using the blue steel pan, it is necessary to carry out the “burn” operation by following the instructions that we will provide you with the product or by watching our video tutorial.

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Some more information


✅ Top circumference: 30.5cm

✅ Bottom circumference: 28cm

✅ Height: 4cm

✅ Flared edge

✅ Thickness: 8/10

✅ Thermal Conductivity: 70W/m°K


Before using the pan, it is necessary to perform the “burn” operation following the instructions we will provide with the product.

Or => Watch the video for the burn.

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