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BOX NAPOLI – Back to Pizza


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Step box Napoli


Learn how to make real Neapolitan pizza at home with Back to Pizza NAPOLI.


The only kit in the world that allows you to make your own perfect, error-free Neapolitan pizza with ingredients, video tutorials and step-by-step guidance.


You will be able to bake as many as 6 Neapolitan pizzas for lunch or dinner simply by choosing your favorite recipe and time tables.


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✅ The expanded manual, enriched with more than 50 pages, will guide you step by step through each phase of the processes.
✅ 4 highly-detailed video tutorials filmed by Mirko Savoia, a professional consultant and pizza chef.
✅ 1 kg of one of the best type “0” flour for Neapolitan pizza available on the market!
✅ 400g of the fantastic peeled San Marzano tomato from the Nocerino Sarnese area
✅ 100ml of fragrant extra virgin olive oil
✅ 80g of Cetara anchovy fillets in oil, the excellence of Italian production!

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