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Teglia in ferro blu 30x20 con diagonale diamantata

Blue rectangular steel pan with double diagonal 30×20


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Our blue rectangular steel pan with double diagonal 30×20 is the perfect tool for baking Roman-style pizza in a pan. Impeccable cooking is guaranteed both in built-in ovens and in professional ovens.


Due to the 0.8mm thickness of the sheet metal, cooking performance is very high, and the double diagonal prevents the tray from deforming.


The baking sheet, carefully crafted, offers high quality and great strength. Any imperfections do not impact its quality or effectiveness, but emphasize characteristics of uniqueness and craftsmanship.




Before using the tray, it is necessary to perform the “burning” operation, following the instructions that we will provide you together with the product or by watching our video tutorial.

Ideal for:
With: 2cm 90° edge

Some more information



✅ Size: 30x20cm

✅ Height: 2cm

✅ 90-degree edge

✅ Double diagonal

✅ Thickness: 8/10

✅ Thermal Conductivity: 70W/m°K




Before using the pan, it is necessary to perform the “burn” operation following the instructions we will provide with the product.

Or => Watch the video for the burn.

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