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Diastatic barley malt extract in syrup - 350g


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Barley malt extract with a Pollak diastatic power of 12,000 units in syrup form is used in professional baking to promote fermentation.


The practical container made of soft plastic and the squeezer drip-proof cap ensure easy dosing and absolute protection against contamination.


It is used in the dough to promote leavening and enhance the Maillard reaction.

With: malted barley extract
To be used in a ratio of 1-3% of the flour weight (10-30 g per every kg of flour)

Some more information



✅ Diastatic power: 12.000 unit Pollak
✅ Protein: 5,4 g
✅ Carbohydrates: 70 g
✅ Sugar: 45 g
✅ Energy: 303Kcal

✅ Store at room temperature in a cool and dry place
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