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Contenitore in polipropilene Gastronorm 1/6 con coperchio lt 1,7

1,7 liter Gastronorm GN 1/6 polypropylene container


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The 1,7 liter Gastronorm GN 1/6 polypropylene container with lid is ideal for the appretto of small doughs such as Neapolitan pizza rolls.


Made of recyclable food-grade polypropylene, it has an airtight closure and rewritable transparent label.


It withstands heat up to 90°C and cold down to -40°C and comes with 10 colored clips to mark the contents.


The 1,7 liter container can accommodate dough balls weighing up to 400 g at three times their initial volume.

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✅ Material: Polypropylene

✅ Size 17,6×16,2x10cm

✅ Capacity: 1.7 liters

✅ Hermetic closure

✅ Dishwasher safe.

✅ Equipped with 10 colored clips to distinguish the stored food

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