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Impastatrici a spirale Sunmix

Sunmix spiral mixers

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Some more information

The Sunmix series EASY and EVO bench-top spiral kneading machines are capable of processing up to 6 to 20 kg of dough at speeds of 50 to 300 revolutions per minute


Watch our high hydration dough video.


What the Speed Up at 300rpm is for

Speeds higher than 210 rpm are useful to you in case you make mistakes when inserting liquids and need to “correct” the dough, or when you need to work with hydrations of 100 percent or more.


What is the purpose of inversion
reversing is a very convenient function if:


✅ you have the need to make pre-doughs that do not need stringing such as autolysis or biga that are usually made by hand;
you have to “dump” the dough from the worm;
✅ Helps you in the first phase of kneading with reduced amount of flour (250/300g).


What the led light is for

The light has a very scenic effect in case you want to take photos or videos to post on social media.

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