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Manitoba soft wheat type 00 flour W340 - 1Kg


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Manitoba is a type 00 flour that allows you to work with high hydration pizza doughs, withstand long leavening times, and indirect doughs.


The high strength value and absorption make it suitable for pan pizza and focaccia, also used in combination with weaker flours.


It comes from a blend of fine Italian and American wheat and is perfect for refreshing sourdough starter and preparing large leavened products.

Some more information



✅ W: MAX 340/390
✅ P/L: 0,6
✅ Stability: 13′
✅ Fall.Num: >300″
✅ Protein: 12,9 g
✅ Sugar: 1,8g
✅ Fiber: 2,1 g
✅ Ashes: 0,55%
✅ Energy: 343Kcal




Max Hydration >85%
✅ Max Leavening 48 ore

✅ Store at room temperature in a cool and dry place
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