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Farina per Pizza la Rossa

ROSSA soft wheat flour for pizza type 1 W320 1 Kg


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Rossa is a Type 1 stone-ground flour for pizza obtained from the milling of a particular blend of wheat with the addition of rye.


It is designed for baking and making baked goods such as pizzas and focaccias, to be used either alone or in combination with weaker flours.


This special blend of grains is particularly suitable for direct and indirect doughs with hydration levels up to 80% or even higher, and fermentation times up to 48 hours.


This stone-ground flour for pizza has an excellent ratio between elasticity and extensibility, making the kneading phases even by hand very easy.

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✅ W: 320
✅ P/L: 0,4/0,5
✅ Ash: 0,80%
✅ Absorption: 65%
✅ Stability: 15′
✅ Falling number (Hagberg): > 300″
✅ Energy: 342Kal
✅ Sugar: 1,8g
✅ Fiber: 6,8g
✅ Protein: 14g




✅ Recommended hydration 80%
✅ Max Leavening 48 ore

✅ Store at room temperature in a cool and dry place
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