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VERDE stone-ground flour type 1 W270 1 Kg


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VERDE is a natural Type 1 stone-ground flour of medium strength, designed for making bread, pizza, and focaccia.

This special blend of grains is particularly suitable for direct doughs, hydration up to 75%, and rising times of no more than 24 hours.

VERDE has an excellent balance between elasticity and extensibility, making the kneading process particularly easy, even by hand.

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✅ W: 270
✅ P/L: 0,5/0,7
✅ Ash: 0,80%
✅ Absorption: 61%
✅ Stability: 10′
✅ Falling number (Hagberg): > 300″
✅ Energy: 345Kal
✅ Sugar: 1,8g
✅ Fiber: 6,8g
✅ Protein: 13g




✅ Recommended hydration 75%
✅ Max Leavening 24 ore

✅ Store at room temperature in a cool and dry place
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