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Verde farina per pizza napoletana linea pizzeria AVPN

Verde AVPN professional flour type 00 W290 - 10Kg


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The Verde is a type 00 soft wheat flour approved by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association.


True fans of homemade pizza will be able to prepare direct doughs with short or medium leavening times but also pre-doughs such as biga and poolish.


It is the ideal product for making classic and modern round pizza, Neapolitan pizza and focaccia.

Some more information



✅ W: MAX 290
✅ P/L: 0,55
✅ Absorption: 56%
✅ Stability: 8′
✅ Fall.Num: >300″
✅ Protein: 11,5 g
✅ Fiber: 2,1 g
✅ Ashes: 0,55%
✅ Energy: 343Kcal




✅ Max Hydration >65%
✅ Max Leavening 24 ore

✅ Store at room temperature in a cool and dry place
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