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FORTE organic type “1” W360 soft wheat flour - 1Kg - Stone-ground


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The organic soft wheat flour type ‘1’ with W360 stone-ground is entirely Italian, more precisely from the Marche region


Made only from local grains, it is recommended for making baked goods such as pan pizzas, puffed breads, croissants, panettone, doves and all types of large leavened goods.


Its high protein content and excellent ratio of elasticity to extensibility ensure excellent results and make kneading steps particularly easy.

Store at room temperature in a cool and dry place 
Flour of: Organic soft wheat 
type “1”    
Strength: W360     
P/L: 0,7     

Some more information



✅ W: 360
✅ P/L: 0,7
✅ Absorption: 57%.
✅ Stability: 12′
✅ Fall.Num: 350″
✅ Protein: 14 g
✅ Fiber: 2,5 g
✅ Ash: 0,8%
✅ Energy: 346Kcal




✅ Max Hydration 85%
✅ Max Leavening 48 ore

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