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Homemade pizza? A game we take seriously

When you choose Giochi di Gusto, you do so because you consider pizza more than just a dish to be enjoyed: for you it is a real passion, a fantastic and tasty hobby to be shared among friends, giving vent to your creativity without ever being satisfied and always demanding the best for your preparations, and that’s who we are!

Giochi di Gusto is a simple and smart solution that summarizes in one convenient place everything you need to organize your social pizza parties.

Flours, preserves, tomatoes, oil, toppings and fillings, as well as baking pans, dough mixers, leavening containers, and even techniques and “recipes” enclosed in exclusive boxes.

Imagine turning yourself into a home pizza maker extraordinaire who can churn out pizzas that are unlike anything you would order in a pizzeria.

Stay with us and let’s share this extraordinary passion together!

Turn your homemade pizza into a unique and unforgettable preparation and let everyone know about it.


We offer homemade pizza lovers ingredients and tools to make, customize and enjoy it

For us at Giochi di Gusto, that for homemade pizza is more than a passion: it is a mission geared toward excellence.

Ingredients, tools and accessories for all fans of the world’s most beloved gastronomic masterpiece, with a very ancient history and of which our country is the proud standard-bearer: his majesty Pizza!

Giochi di Gusto was created with precisely this goal in mind: to offer pizza-makers of all kinds, whether experienced or novice, the most innovative and advanced online store dedicated to perfect home preparation of the most famous Italian dish. No longer will you have to waste your precious time laboriously ordering from dozens of different stores.

With just a few clicks, you will quickly receive at your home everything you need to make extraordinary pizzas that will have little in common with those you find in the pizzeria down the street.

Convenient, simple and versatile! Our service adapts to your needs just as a good pizza can adapt to your tastes.

Our “digital ingredients” consist of carefully selected raw materials; professional tools and accessories; availability of single-piece purchase, unobtainable products and real kits accompanied by detailed instructions, specialized advice and quick delivery.

Our mission is to offer you everything you need so that you can serve the best homemade pizza possible, so extraordinary that your diners will have a unique experience.


One simple, practical one-stop shop for all homemade pizza lovers

Whether you are a beginner in homemade pizza making, an amateur looking to evolve your skills, or an “experienced home pizza maker” looking for smart service, Giochi di Gusto is always the answer.

Our vision is to offer you all a one-stop shop for your passion: an online store on which you can quickly order the best ingredients and tools for exceptional homemade pizza, as well as products you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

From the raw materials to the pans and mixers, from the accessories to the skills needed to use them to their best advantage, it’s Giochi di Gusto that offers everything you need to make incredible pizza right in your own home.

Create the world’s most beloved dish with your own hands, customize it and make it extraordinary just like you: you will turn a creative and “tasty” moment into a special occasion to share with your guests.


My name is Rudy and I am the founder of Giochi di Gusto. A great lover of baking, after receiving the best possible education from such consultants as Alessandro Trezzi, Giovani Tesauro Marco, Lattanzi and Riccardo Scevaroli, in 2020 I decided to turn my passion into a job.

So I created the first and only online store dedicated to selling pizza-making ingredients, equipment, accessories and kits, targeting a purely amateur audience interested in making the best possible homemade pizza.

Yet something was missing!

Most online stores never take into consideration the human relationship and classic face-to-face chats with the customer.

I have thought of nothing but this since the launch of Giochi di Gusto. I wanted a tool that would allow the customer to approach me as I have for more than two decades in the store.

Don’t call me a nostalgic old man, I have lived the workshop since birth. I used to steal rosettes still warm in the oven from my uncle before they ended up in baskets to be sold in the family bakery, and that atmosphere I can never forget.

Reproducing this online is impossible? I don’t think so.

And that’s where the following comes in. Back to Pizza, the tool, or rather the three tools that will allow you to to actively interact with our exciting and tasty reality right from the start.

I’ll quickly introduce them to you:

Back to Pizza Club: the group for true fans of homemade pizza

It is the facebook group whose members are enthusiasts of the world of homemade pizza, aspiring pizza lovers or those who are simply curious to find out how to make tasty pizzas in an easy and repeatable way with our products.

Think of him as the clerk behind the counter in your favorite store, the one who if he’s home or on vacation you won’t even go in to buy salt, the one you ask for advice on which tomato is best for stew, in short, the one you trust blindly.

Join Back to Pizza club now =>

Back to Pizza mail class: the complete guide for using Giochi di Gusto products.

complete with recipes, practical tips and interesting notions. Simply put, a completely free mini-course whose purpose is to enable you to make the best use of our products, accessories and equipment to make the best pizzas ever at home.

And should you need to go deeper into a topic remember that Back to Pizza club is always at your service.

Click here to receive Back to Pizza mail class =>

Back to Pizza Box: your pizza in an assembly box

The most ambitious part of the project, a real assembly box pizza.

Not the usual bundle of products accompanied by two pages of recipes, but a real complete kit of products and manuals that are simple, detailed and richly illustrated, written like the best assembly instructions, like those for Ikea furniture for instance, but done better.

Click here to purchase the new Back to Pizza box

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Rated 4.9 out of 5 with over
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Rated 4.9 out of 5 with over
260+ reviews

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