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The blog, techniques and recipes

The blog, techniques and recipes

 21 September 2023

The essential (and economical) tools for making pizza at home

Discover the 5 essential tools for home baking: peels, carafes, containers, and many more! Steal my tips for working neatly and achieving the best results!
 6 September 2023

How to measure fermentation accurately without errors

In this article, you will discover how to manage the proofing times of your dough to achieve perfect results even at home. Learn to visually assess the dough's growth using appropriate containers and simple yet effective solutions that adapt to any condition.
 24 April 2023

Maritozzi with custard cream filling: the original recipe with a touch of sweetness

Discover the original recipe for maritozzi, typical sweets from the Roman tradition, with a pastry cream filling. Easy to prepare at home, they are perfect for a delicious breakfast or snack. Discover the history of this sweet and its curious name.
 25 January 2023

Simple pizza slice: the video recipe

Make pizza by the slice quickly and easily with our vildeoricetta
 8 November 2022

Detroit style Pizza : the original recipe

One of the most interesting recipes on the international scene, a crossover between Palermo's sfincione and Milan's pizza al trancio. What am I talking about? But of Detroit style Pizza of course!
 15 October 2022

Wikipizza: The Pizza Dictionary

This mini-dictionary does not include all the terms that exist in the world of baking and pizza but those that take you in a concrete and direct way to the understanding of manuals, articles and recipes.
 26 July 2022

Bread with sourdough and toasted seeds

Let's make sourdough bread with toasted seeds together, one of the best loaves ever!
 17 June 2022

How to store flour – the 5 tricks

Do you have a lot of doubts about how best to store your flour? Before you do anything, read our tips!
 5 March 2022

The perfect burn of blue iron pans

Do you want to know how to treat your blue iron pans before you can use them? Read the article carefully and watch our video!
 7 February 2022

Pizza toppings: the 5 best toppings

Sweetness, savoriness, acidity, spiciness, and texture are all elements that can turn a simple condiment into an unforgettable experience.

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