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Techniques and curiosities

Techniques and curiosities

 24 April 2024

Are pizza and bread really fattening?

There is no single food that makes you fat (or thin), much less a macro nutrient. Our body needs everything: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugars, fiber, vitamins... etc. etc. The important thing is to take them while trying to respect a certain balance between them without exceeding one's weekly caloric needs.
 3 January 2024

Creating sourdough starter at home with just water and flour – the complete guide

In this article we will look at how to create sourdough from scratch, both in solid and liquid form. As I mentioned, in the first few days, the procedure is the same for both. Later, there will be a slight variation that we'll detail in this guide. Remember, the first 4-5 days are crucial. It can happen that something doesn't go the right way, and you may need to start everything from scratch.
 29 November 2023

Rusty blue iron trays – how to remove rust and restore them perfectly

How do we recover a rusty blue cast iron baking pan? You just need a fine steel wool or wet sandpaper and a video tutorial that explains step by step how to remove rust.
 15 November 2023

How to make Poolish at home – the complete and definitive method

What is a Poolish, why is it used, and what benefits does it offer, how to prepare and manage it by combining room temperature with the amount of yeast used.
 1 November 2023

How to make Biga at home – the complete and definitive method

What is a Biga, why is it used, and what advantages does it offer? How to prepare and manage it, both in the classic way and by combining room temperature and refrigerator temperatures.
 18 October 2023

Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Making Pizza at Home (and How to Avoid Them)

In this article, we talk about eight mistakes not to make when preparing pizza at home; mistakes that may seem trivial but are often made even after years of experience.
 21 September 2023

The essential (and economical) tools for making pizza at home

Discover the 5 essential tools for home baking: peels, carafes, containers, and many more! Steal my tips for working neatly and achieving the best results!
 6 September 2023

How to measure fermentation accurately without errors

In this article, you will discover how to manage the proofing times of your dough to achieve perfect results even at home. Learn to visually assess the dough's growth using appropriate containers and simple yet effective solutions that adapt to any condition.
 15 October 2022

Wikipizza: The Pizza Dictionary

This mini-dictionary does not include all the terms that exist in the world of baking and pizza but those that take you in a concrete and direct way to the understanding of manuals, articles and recipes.
 17 June 2022

How to store flour – the 5 tricks

Do you have a lot of doubts about how best to store your flour? Before you do anything, read our tips!

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