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Techniques & curiosities

Techniques & curiosities

 15 October 2022

Wikipizza: The Pizza Dictionary

This mini-dictionary does not include all the terms that exist in the world of baking and pizza but those that take you in a concrete and direct way to the understanding of manuals, articles and recipes.
 17 June 2022

How to store flour – the 5 tricks

Do you have a lot of doubts about how best to store your flour? Before you do anything, read our tips!
 5 March 2022

The perfect burn of blue iron pans

Do you want to know how to treat your blue iron pans before you can use them? Read the article carefully and watch our video!
 7 February 2022

Pizza toppings: the 5 best toppings

Sweetness, savoriness, acidity, spiciness, and texture are all elements that can turn a simple condiment into an unforgettable experience.
 20 January 2022

Autolysis and pizza: what it is used for and how to prepare it

Simple, quick to make and almost indispensable when using "artisan" flours. It is the technique of autolysis!
 1 December 2021

How to choose a pizza pan

Are blue iron pans really the best? But better for what? Why are there pans made of other materials as well?
 27 October 2021

Preserve pizza and regenerate it without error

Can a pre-cooked, frozen base be better than a freshly baked pizza? Let's find out together.
 7 October 2021

Flour strength: let’s find out what it is

All flours are not the same. Each flour should be used for the job it was made for, and today let's see how to recognize its characteristics!
 19 November 2020

How to choose extra virgin olive oil

What is the one food that is never missing on every single pizza we bake? Well easy, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
 12 November 2020

Pizza flour: how to choose it

In Italy we really have a myriad of fantastic types of flours, each with unique and extraordinary characteristics.

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